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Air Caster’s role in the modular construction marketplace

Today, Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) is growing at unprecedented rates. Interest in modular construction, in general, has seen comparable growth rates, with increasing attendance every year for conferences similar to the Modular Building Institute (MBI) World of Modular convention, which is in its 35th year.

While the advantages of factory construction include shorter lead times, simultaneous site development and structure manufacturing, safer work environments, and higher levels of quality control over site-built projects, there are inherent challenges at the offsite manufacturing locations. Moving completed buildings or module sections (such as for hotels and of ces) around and through manufacturing facilities can be dangerous, damaging, and inef cient. In the worst case, assembly lines can come to a standstill if a modular building or sections need to be reworked. If not adequately managed, the economic, quality and time-sensitive advantages of offsite modular construction can be lost quickly.

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