Fall Newsletter: Hovercraft technology systems can increase factory efficiency and productivity

Manufacturers have realized that floating equipment and components on air provides benefits in terms of efficiency and accuracy of movement.  Read all about it here.

AeroGo Transfer Cart Receives Honorable Mention at 2018 IMTS Product Innovation Awards

The AeroGo Silverback Transporter/Transfer Cart received an honorable mention at the International Manufacturing Technology Conference product innovation competition on August 9.  The innovation awards recognize new and groundbreaking manufacturing technology.   AeroGo’s Silverback Transfer Carts/Transporters are radio remote controlled industrial machines which move loads from 50-200 tons.  Transfer carts are compact and low profile, designed to […]

Aero-Drives Maneuver the James Webb Telescope

Inside NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, the James Webb Space Telescope team completed the environmental portion of vibration testing on the telescope. AeroGo Aero-Drives feature prominently in this process, especially noticeable at the 12 second mark.  A shaker table subjects satellites like Webb to the vibration that comes from rocket to ensure […]

Summer Newsletter: Moving Heavy Objects

Moving 50 to 200 tons on a repetitive basis makes manufacturers look for safe yet relatively inexpensive methods to transport their goods.  Read all about it here.

How to Move Heavy Objects in Factories – Industrial Machinery Digest

An overview on what to consider when selecting the right equipment to move heavy objects in factories.  Read the entire article here.

Spring newsletter: How to move a long load around obstacles

Argonne National Labs used Aero-Drives and Air Caster Rigging System to maneuver outside to inside as well as through and around narrow corridors.  Read all about it here.

Move a Long Load Through Tiny Spaces

Sometimes there is no easy way to get from point A to point B.  In the case of Argonne National Labs, they had to maneuver a newly delivered component from outside to inside, then through multiple chokepoints.  Using AeroGo power drives with an air caster rigging system, two operators were able to finesse the long […]

Modular Building – Construction Today article

Manufacturers of modular structures can use air technology for increased flexibility and profit.  Read about it in the Construction Today article by Paul Jakse, VP Sales. View the article » View the PDF »

How Air Caster Tech Can Address Trends Challenges in Modular Home Building

Modular homes and structures have realized benefits by adding air caster technology to their manufacturing processes.  Read the entire article, written by our own Paul Jakse, as featured in BuiltWorlds magazine.

Winter newsletter

Moving 50-200 ton loads can be a challenge.  There’s a better way than cranes, rails, or conveyors: transfer carts!  Read all about them here.