A proven alternative to cranes, conveyors, rails, or rollers, air casters utilize available factory compressed air to float heavy loads. Load movement is smooth and flexible, eliminating first in/first out requirements. This system can be easily added to any work environment with an adequate floor surface. Perfectly designed for operating and moving in tight spaces.

AeroGo solutions are more cost-efficient and flexible than traditional load movement methods. The simplicity of air caster solutions allow personnel to qickly adapt and utilize the system. Plus, since there are no moving parts, maintenance costs are very low.


  • Maximize floor space utilization without restricting assembly flow to a fixed path
  • Line flow and product positioning can be changed with no additional costs
  • Omnidirectional movement and 360° rotation
  • Eliminates fixed in-floor fixtures and secondary equipment
  • Low push force required: approximately 1 lb. of force per 1,000 lbs. of weight
  • Independent movement eliminates first-in, first-out requirements
  • CE and ASME B30.1 compliant


“It was difficult to move our product by overhead crane in shorter time as set up time was higher. To improve the movement time we decided to use AeroGo Air Casters. We consulted our other locations who had experience with AeroGo, then we sent our drawing with load and CG positions to AeroGo for design. AeroGo completed the order in the shortest time, which was a special request from our side.”


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