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Factory Automation

Flexible systems for moving heavy loads in manufacturing assembly lines. Cost effective and safe with easily modified flow paths.
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Rigging / Millwright

AeroGo heavy duty Air Caster Rigging Systems provide a superior solution to move 500 lbs. to 5,000 tons, in any size or shape.
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Equipment Mobility

Air casters can be mounted underneath existing tooling or scaffolding to provide, precise and reliable equipment movement.
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How to Select the Best Load Movement System

A selection guide to evaluate 7 critical criteria

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    Air Casters Move Heavy Objects on a Film of Air

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    Latest News

    Lab Manager magazine published Devin Chandler’s article “Conquering Equipment Moving Challenges in Lab Facilities”

    Moving equipment, machinery, and materials through a lab environment can be challenging. A New Mexico multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, which conducts renewable energy, space exploration, and nanotechnology research, struggled to find a safe way to maneuver newly delivered equipment of various sizes into a cleanroom through multiple chokepoints. Read the entire paper here […]

    Choosing the right material handling system #7: What safety factors do you need to consider?

    By this point in this series, readers have probably already taken many material handling systems off the table as serious options. For example, if the load is light and travels only short distances between stations, you may have already eliminated the options that would be overkill, like cranes or even forklifts. But there’s one more […]

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