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Learn how self-propelled carts enable lean manufacturing

A growing number of manufacturers are supporting lean principles by selecting self-propelled carts instead of overhead cranes, conveyors or rail systems.
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Air caster’s role in the modular construction marketplace

Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) is growing at unprecedented rates. To maintain the efficiencies of offsite construction, air casters are becoming the normal method to move modular boxes in factories.
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Moving delicate, expensive equipment in the fast-growing semiconductor industry

In a market that lives by a simple creed: smaller, faster and cheaper, it is vital to focus on every detail of efficiency, adaptability and cost savings. In this fast paced environment, air casters make a big difference.
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Roll handling with Air Casters

Efficient operations at paper production and processing facilities rest on nimbly maneuvering massive paper, tissue, and corrugated rolls throughout the plant.
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How Aero-Casters can work perfectly even on imperfect floors

Aero-Casters offer numerous advantages over other methods of moving extremely heavy loads; but because they require the floor or surface to meet certain conditions, many would-be users assume the casters won’t work with their floor. There are lots of ways to overcome surface obstacles.
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Selecting the right system to move BioPharma equipment

Organizations that regularly move equipment in test labs, processing or manufacturing facilities need to look at all the options to find the best choice for their specific application. Download this guide to the 7 areas to consider when selecting a load movement system.
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Selecting the right load movement system

Use this guide to contemplate 7 critical areas before you select your next load movement system.
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Moving transformers on air

Transformer manufacturers no longer rely on costly mechanical lift equipment. Instead, all over the world, moving transformers on air bearings has proven to save time and money.
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Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts – entirely reconfigured in just one day

This visionary performing arts center conceived of an ever-changing venue, suitable for theatre, spoken word, opera, symphony and concerts. The Center’s air caster system has made it possible to dramatically switch the venue in just one day, based on the event.
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Are Air Casters Right For You?

Floating a heavy load on air casters makes it possible to use only 4-6 lbs. of force for each 1,000 lbs. of load.


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