AeroGo has helped bus and motorcoach manufacturers around the world to solve their load moving problems in vehicle manufacturing and assembly. A proven lean alternative to cranes, conveyors, or rails, air caster products eliminate the need for first-in, first-out requirements on the assembly line. Load movement is smooth and omnidirectional, making it very easy for personnel to position and reposition the load. AeroGo air caster solutions are more cost-effective and flexible than traditional load movement methods.


  • Eliminates the need for fixed in-floor fixtures and secondary equipment
  • Personnel quickly learn to use the system, saving time and resources
  • Independent movement of units eliminates delays in production cycle
  • Low push force required: approximately 1 lb. of force per 1,000 lbs. of weight
  • Maximizes floor space utilization, line flow and product positioning
  • Omni-directional movement and 360° rotation
  • No limit to load size, weight, or range of movement
  • CE compliant and ASME B30.1 compliant



AeroGo air casters move RV assembly smoothly and cost effectively. Watch how AeroGo air casters facilitate Newmar RV’s manufacturing process.

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