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Whatever you are moving, AeroGo can help.

At AeroGo, we specialize in solving some of the world's most complex and challenging load moving problems.

Unlike conventional methods like cranes, conveyors, rollers or wheels, AeroGo's air caster systems are faster and easier to use, and can maneuver through tighter spaces, saving time and money by eliminating the need to disassemble your load. And with the highest success rate in the industry, you can rest assured that your move will be safe and smooth.

When you need to move something heavy, awkward, or delicate, AeroGo has a solution. Give us a call or use the 'Contact Us' button to get started on your load moving solution today.

"The system worked better than I could have asked for and everybody was astonished by how they worked. 100% satisfied!"

AeroGo's Air-Powered Stainless Steel Pallet has been chosen as a finalist in the Material Handling Systems category for the Plant Engineering Magazine 2015 Product of the Year program. This product will be mentioned in the November issue, online, and in e-newsletters—where qualified subscribers will be encouraged to go online and vote. Voting closes Friday January 8, 2016. Winners will be included in the April issue of Plant Engineering magazine.

You can see the AeroGo product and the other nominee's online at:

Please note that voting is only open to qualified print and/or digital subscribers of Plant Engineering magazine. Only one vote per subscriber will be counted towards the final tally. Manufacturers of the products are not eligible to vote and their votes will not be counted.

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