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Moving 50-200 ton loads can be a challenge

Cranes, conveyors, rails and other traditional equipment can be hazardous and hard to maneuver. Now there is a better way – wheeled transporters.

AeroGo’s Silverback wheeled transporters are ideal for moving 50-200 ton loads and they operate on most factory floors. Compared to traditional load moving solutions like cranes, conveyors and rail, Silverback wheeled transporters are:

  • Portable and flexible
  • More maneuverable, with omnidirectional controls and rotation for tight spaces
  • Lower cost in use
  • Ready to run on delivery

Here are just a few of the unique features that set them apart from other wheeled transporters on the market:

  • Compact and low profile – designed to maximize floor space
  • Self-loading capability radio remote controlled
  • Customizable
  • Full operator interface with diagnostics and alarms

It’s another way aeroGo – a proven leader in equipment and material transport systems – is making it easier for you to move heavy loads in nearly any operating environment.

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