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Which is the best load moving system for you?

You need a safe, cost-effective and flexible way of moving heavy parts and machinery from one place to another within your facility. You could go for transfer carts. Or you could go for drag chains. Read on to discover which material handling system is best for you.

Drag Chains
Drag chains are material handling systems that use chains or cables housed in a track in the floor to pull wheeled carts. They typically move loads of up to 100 tons.
Transfer Carts
Transfer carts are self-propelled modular transporters that move heavy loads at ground level. They typically run on wheels, are usually battery powered, steerable and operated by radio remote control. They frequently lift and move loads of up to 100 tons.

Drag Chains Transfer Carts
Lifting capacity None 100 tons
Moving capacity 100 tons 100 tons
Travel path Can change direction, but chain must pull cart along a linear path Unlimited maneuverability because units can typically be steered 360°
Turning radius footprint None Most transfer carts rotate 360° within their own footprint
Rotate in place Limited ability Many transfer carts can rotate a load in place
Reach Can reach only where track exists Can reach anywhere the load can fit
Vertical Path No ability to raise or lower loads Typically elevate loads off the ground by a few inches.
Loading Loads must be placed onto carts using another system, such as a crane or forklift truck Most transfer carts can slide under a load and lift the load from underneath, provided that the load is resting on a skid designed for this purpose
Floor space Consume a lot of floor space that cannot be used for any other purpose. Impede traffic and decrease productivity when installed in tight quarters. Operate on any floor surface in a facility that is flat, level and engineered to withstand the weight of the load being transported.
Cost of installation High Low
Cost of operation Low Low
Cost of training Low Low
Cost of maintenance Low Low
Installation time Weeks or months Minutes
Flexibility of use Low High; no first-in, first-out concerns
Transferability Low High; easily, quickly and cost-effectively relocated to different locations.
Training Level of training is low. Operate with push-button simplicity, requiring little training. Level of training is low. Operation is simple.
Safety risks Moderate
Tracks create tripping hazards.

The bottom line

Drag chains can be an effective option when you must move loads of up to 100 tons consistently on a fixed path, and when flexibility in move paths is not a concern.

Transfer carts are the perfect choice when you must move loads of up to 100 tons, when you need to get up and running quickly, and when move path flexibility is a requirement.

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