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Embedded Air Bearing Systems: the ultimate machine mobility option!

In a manufacturing environment, moving machinery to optimize floor space or flex for lean manufacturing increases productivity and profitability. By embedding air bearings into machinery, tooling, and equipment, OEMs give their customers the ultimate capability to adapt and flex to ever-changing manufacturing configurations. You can access 3D models to make machine integration seamless by filling out the form below.

Air bearing systems utilize compressed air to lift and float heavy machines, structures and tooling within their own footprint. The technology works similar to a puck on an air hockey table, in that it eliminates friction – making heavy loads easy to move – and it floats on the surface without damaging the floor. This material handling method is inherently safe to operators due to very low lift height and reduced friction/low chance of strain.

Embedded Air Caster Systems provide the ultimate machine mobility option:

  • Manufacturers can flex and optimize their operations as needed
  • Easily reposition equipment and work stations in a matter of minutes
  • Rigging and setup are streamlined
  • Greatly reduces safety exposure
  • Reduce overall system cost
  • Reduce or eliminate floor damage

The AeroGo embedded air bearing system is permanently integrated into the tool, machine or structure. Wheeled casters, footers or bases are fitted with air bearing modules and a control console for adjustable air control. You can access 3D models to make machine integration seamless by filling out the form below:

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