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4/7/20 -Return to Work Process and Essential Business letter

Many of you will begin to report back to work tomorrow. Attached is a letter explaining that AeroGo is an Essential Business and all employees reporting to/from work should keep a copy in their car in the event that they are stopped or questioned why they are not staying at home.

In addition, external emails should include the below verbiage as part of the signature line of the message:

As a Washington State “Essential” manufacturing business, AeroGo plans to continue working safely in accordance with CDC rules: no mass transit, no social gatherings out of work, employees travel in their own car work-home-grocery-home-work,… 6 ft. social distancing at work, frequently washing hands, no visitors here, no keyboard or phone sharing, wipes and disinfectants on site for use by all, employees are responsible to be gloved when using shared tools and a daily disinfection of all door knobs, refrigerator handles, sink knobs and toilet levers. Employees are instructed to do the same in their work cells.

    May we ask how you heard about AeroGo?

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