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Choosing the right material handling system #2: How much flexibility or maneuverability is required?

Choosing the right material handling option for any specific manufacturing or other industrial application is rarely easy. The seemingly endless options can confuse more than they clarify, and many operations end up choosing a poor solution simply because it’s the one with which they’re most familiar. This series is all about breaking down the decision […]

Choosing the right material handling system #1: What does the load weigh?

Whether you’re a manufacturer transporting multi-ton products through an assembly line – or even finding a way to move the manufacturing equipment itself – finding the right material handling solution is crucial to successfully contain costs, maintain production efficiencies, and protect workers against unnecessary safety hazards. Read the entire paper here »    

Medical Center MRT Installation

Moving a new six ton Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT) machine into a medical center can be a daunting task, but not with the AeroGo Air Caster Rigging System. In this video from Germany, watch how the rigging crew maneuvers the MRT on a 30 meter path through the facility, around posts and narrow hallways. It’s […]

Custom designed and built Rocket Motor Loader

A crucial step in the pre-flight process for spacecraft is installing the motor. AeroGo engineered and built the Rocket Motor Loader featured in this video. See it here…

No bones about it: Air casters are the best way to move delicate, priceless fossils

In our decades of experience, AeroGo has seen more than its fair share of interesting and unusual moves. One of our favorites: a priceless, 77-million-year-old, 6.5-ton dinosaur fossil. On July 20, 2000, fossil hunter Dan Stephenson found one of the most amazing dinosaur discoveries ever: “Leonardo.” Leonardo is a baby Brachylophosaurus (a type of Hadrosaur, […]

AeroGo and the future of transportation

AeroGo’s Aero-Plank and Aero-Drive and guide wheel maneuver the 55,000 lb. high-speed transportation tube through the testing process at Hyperloop.  See more about the future of transportation at www.hyperloop.global

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