1-5,000 LBS.

Children's Museum exhibit move

2 small girls move big Ford truck

3,600 lbs. chiller rigging move

5,000-20,000 LBS.

Why AgieCharmilles chose AeroGo

7 ton Aero-Pallet cleanroom

8,000 pound load modules rigging

20,000 pound transporter mast mover

20,000-70,000 LBS

Air Caster Rigging System moves 20 tons

40,000 pound load RV manufacturing

50 ton Data Center Transporter with Aero-Drive

Moving an RV Assembly

70,000 LBS-5,000 Tons

Moving a 200 ton ship

450 ton transformer

2,830 ton caisson move by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan

120,000 pound theatre seating

80 ton transformer

750 ton tanker section

800 ton naval caisson

100 ton boiler

45 ton air cushion vehicle


Why AgieCharmilles chose AeroGo

Operation & Accuracy

How to Measure Roll Crush

Aero-Drive accuracy

Laser accuracy

Aero-Plank operation


How to Measure Roll Crush


Showing how little air escapes when air casters are inflated

AeroGo Puget Sound Business Journal


Rigging with air casters

Typical Flooring

Nuclear Cask Move

Air shuttle

Rollmaster II



Aero Drive Transporter

Heavy lifting in confined spaces

Aircraft positioning on AeroCasters

Air Casters move dunk tank